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The 200 for 200 Legacy Challenge is a resounding success

A sincere thank you to all the generous donors of yesterday, today, and tomorrow who have left a legacy gift to McGill

McGill photo collage of campus, students, alumni and donors

We did it!

The results are in, and it’s official: McGill’s 200 for 200 Legacy Challenge is a triumph!

A total of 214 legacy gifts have been confirmed, thanks to donors’ participation and their generous philanthropy.

“The outpouring of support has been overwhelming,” says Susan Reid, director of Bequests and Planned Gifts. “I would like to thank all our McGill supporters for believing in the University, and for paying it forward. Every gift is so appreciated.”

Publicly launched in fall 2020 to coincide with the University’s Bicentennial, the 200 for 200 Legacy Challenge aimed to secure 200 legacy gifts – such as a bequest in a will – by December 31, 2021. It was the first campaign of its kind at McGill.

“I am thrilled that the 200 for 200 Legacy Challenge has been a success, because this initiative was a leap of faith,” says Ann Vroom, BA’67, the Challenge’s lead ambassador. “We were not sure how the worldwide McGill community would respond to legacy giving, which is investing in the future. But with typical McGill loyalty, generosity and vision, our alumni and friends responded to the idea with passion and enthusiasm.”

The impact

Although the nature of legacy gifts makes it difficult to determine their value, there is no doubt that the 214 gifts counted in the Challenge will have an extraordinary impact on the University. Legacy donors are encouraged to designate their gift to initiatives and areas that are most meaningful to them, such as student awards, a specific faculty, the Library, or the University’s greatest needs.

Gifts of all sizes are of great benefit to McGill. They will ensure a solid foundation for students, researchers, and the many programs so vital to its future.”

Donors will inevitably move the needle on McGill’s top priorities: shaping future-ready students, creating opportunities that open doors, supporting research that changes lives, and funding innovation that drives progress. Their generosity also empowers the University to plan ahead as it begins its third century. “McGill has lofty goals for the future, and these gifts will help fund many of the priorities,” says Vroom.

The change makers

To help the next generation.
To honour my loved ones.
To make the world a better place.

These are just a few of the reasons why donors supported the 200 for 200 Legacy Challenge, which will drive progress in McGill’s third century.

Dean Robert Leckey

“It’s a reflection of gratitude from a graduate who paid low tuition for a world-class legal education.” - Robert Leckey, BCL/LLB’02, Dean of McGill’s Faculty of Law

"Every alum has their way of celebrating McGill; I have chosen to leave a legacy gift, and it’s the best decision I’ve made." - Antonia Yeung, BA’92

Photo of Mark O'Connell

“I see supporting universities like McGill as supporting the next generation of success. We will succeed as a society based on that education.” - Mark O’Connell, BA’92

Photo of Kim Bartlett

"I was told ‘every little bit counts,’ and I know that’s true. I will be helping somebody, and it feels good.” - Kim Bartlett, BA’78, MA’84

Louis Lapierre today.

“I always find what I’m looking for [at McGill’s Blackader-Lauterman Library of Architecture and Art], no matter how specific.” - Louis Lapierre, BArch’52

Photo of Marilyn Monk and daughters.

“I think our global society would be better off if we had richer and more diverse representation in senior leadership roles and on boards. That’s the intention behind my gift.” - Marilyn Monk, MSc(A)’80

The final results

Who are the 200 for 200 Legacy Challenge donors?

84% are McGill alumni
6% are McGill faculty or staff
10% have an alternative McGill connection or are simply treasured McGill donors

When did McGill alumni legacy donors graduate?

2010s = 1%
2000s = 4%
1990s = 9%
1980s = 22%
1970s = 26%
1960s = 24%
1950s = 11%
1940s = 3%

Where do donors reside?

71% live in Canada
22% are in the U.S.
7% reside elsewhere

How are they leaving their legacy gift?

84% of donors included McGill in their will

Additional options include donating retirement plan assets, naming McGill as a beneficiary in a life insurance policy, or creating a Charitable Remainder Trust.

What will your legacy be? Learn more about legacy giving.