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One day to make an even greater impact

When you make a donation for McGill24, you help unlock donor-funded challenges that increase the impact of your giving, providing even more support to students, researchers and student-athletes. And gifts made by students and recent graduates will be matched up to dollar for dollar, as will gifts made to student crowdfunding initiatives on Seeds of Change. Learn more about how every gift goes further on McGill24.

Celebrate McGill24 together!

On March 10, the global McGill community will celebrate McGill24, the University’s annual day of giving. As we follow the day’s progress closely, we invite you to gather with fellow alumni around the world for a virtual taste of music, food, science and comedy. Register now or discover more ways to get involved using the links below.

Made by the ambition to build a better world.

On March 10, McGill24 will unite the McGill community around supporting the next generation of leaders and changemakers. There are countless alumni, students and staff, who are engaged to bring about change, whether on campus, in their local communities, or in the world. Those everyday heroes show how an investment in McGill is an investment in building a better future for us all.

Meet our heroes
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Bring the party home

Want to turn your home into a McGill24 hot spot? Look no further than the McGill24 party pack for social filters, puzzles, crafting ideas and more.

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McGill24 is back!

March 10 is McGill24: a celebration of the strength of the global McGill community when we come together for 24 hours to build a brighter future. Giving on McGill24 is unlike giving on any other day, thanks to donor-provided challenge and matching gifts that boost support to students, researchers and student-athletes who make McGill what it is today – and will continue to shape it for years to come. It’s a moment to remind the everyday heroes of the McGill community that we believe in them and are invested in their success.

One day. A better tomorrow.

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McGill24 is all about the power of participation: when the McGill community comes together, our collective impact is great. Taking part in this day of giving demonstrates a commitment to and investment in the next generation of leaders. Every single gift counts, no matter the size, for as more people give, every gift can count for more.

On March 10, your gift to any faculty or area of McGill will go further:


  • Are you 35 or younger? Did you graduate in the last 10 years? Are you currently a McGill student? If so, when you give back on March 10, generous donors in the McGill community will boost your donation, matching it up to dollar for dollar.
  • This match also applies to every donation made to a Seeds of Change project on McGill’s crowdfunding platform.


Your gift on McGill24 can unlock donor-funded challenges across the University. Here’s how they work: generous donors who want to encourage others to join them in supporting McGill agree to “unlock” additional funds once other donors successfully complete a participation challenge. For instance, a donor may propose that if at least 100 people give to a particular faculty, that donor will contribute an additional $100,000 to that faculty.

Support your faculty:

Encourage fellow graduates of your faculty to join you in giving on March 10 so you can increase the support your faculty receives! When your faculty surpasses a certain number of donations, a challenge donor will unlock even more funds for your faculty.

Be proud of your region:

Represent where you live by participating in a regional challenge. For instance, if you live in the United Kingdom or Toronto, encourage your local counterparts to join you in giving on March 10. Once your region surpasses a certain number of donations, a challenge donor will unlock even more funds for the University.

Faculty and staff:

McGill is an outstanding place to work, teach and conduct research. Represent McGill even further by participating in the Faculty & Staff Challenge on March 10! Once a certain number of donations are received from faculty and staff members, a challenge donor will unlock even more funds for the University.


Show pride in your McGill student by supporting the area of your choice at the University through the Parents Challenge on March 10! Once a certain number of donations are received from McGill Parents, a challenge donor will unlock even more funds for the University.


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What is McGill24?

McGill24 is a 24-hour digital fundraising campaign held on March 10, 2021, when alumni, students, parents, friends, faculty and staff come together to show their pride in McGill through philanthropy. Last year, McGill24 – the largest fundraiser of its kind in Canadian university history – saw thousands of McGillians unite to raise over $2.9 million to support the world-class education and research that defines McGill. As the McGill24 tradition continues on March 10, each gift made to the University during this one-day period will support the causes that help drive change at the University and beyond.

How do I decide where to give?

McGill24 provides opportunities to give to any area of the University that is meaningful to you. On March 10, gifts are worth even more, thanks to donor-funded challenges and matching funds. Please visit “Your $ goes further!” for more information. Donor support provides vital support to the most immediate needs of the University. Gifts to faculties and schools provide essential support to departments, while contributions to key University priorities make a significant difference in the lives of students.

How can I give?

Gifts on McGill24 can be made using our secure online form. No matter how you choose to contribute, all gifts made on March 10 will be counted in the McGill24 totals.

Will 100% of my gift go to my designated area?

Yes. McGill makes it a priority to ensure that each donor’s wishes are honoured.

Is there a minimum donation amount?

No. All gifts, regardless of size, are important and have a meaningful effect on students, faculty and the entire McGill community.

Are gifts tax deductible?

A Canadian tax receipt is automatically generated for online gifts of all dollar amounts. Gifts sent by mail or made over the phone must be CAD$15 or more to be eligible for tax receipts in Canada. Gifts made by alumni and parents are eligible for a tax receipt from the United States.

Can I create a payroll deduction if I am a McGill employee?

Yes! You may create a payroll deduction to celebrate McGill24 and to support the University throughout the year. Please use this form to set up a payroll deduction.

I live outside of Canada or the USA – how can I make my gift?

There are multiple ways to give to McGill if you live outside of Canada or the USA. Learn more here.

I have questions. Who can I contact?

McGill University Advancement at