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Balancing studies and parenthood

Because of your support, I can make a difference in patients’ lives.

Ruth Tewah

Ruth Tewah, BScN’24

Take it from me: Being a nursing student and raising three young children is a continuous balancing act, but also very rewarding.

Nursing has opened doors to personal fulfilment. Making a positive impact on the lives of others, providing care and promoting health and well-being is tremendously gratifying. 

I am the grateful recipient of six financial awards. They have been an incredible source of support, allowing me to incur less financial debt, while focusing on my academic pursuits and engaging in valuable learning experiences beyond the classroom. 

These activities include conducting volunteer workshops for young families and pregnant mothers, serving as treasurer of McGill’s Association of Students in Healthcare, participating in the nursing peer mentorship program and facilitating workshops for emerging leaders. 

These activities have allowed me to interact with peers from different backgrounds and cultures and to gain valuable hands-on skills through cutting-edge research projects. I also appreciate that the Nursing program offers diverse career opportunities and specializations, including community nursing, pediatric care, critical care, gerontology and mental health. 

Being part of McGill’s Nursing program and being a proud fulfilled mother has been important for my personal growth and for the future of my children. I have diligently managed my time, dedicating focused periods to studying, attending classes and taking care of my family.

None of this would have been possible without the support of financial awards and the encouragement from my spouse.