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Did you know? The McGill Endowment Fund

The McGill Endowment Fund has been built by the University’s generous community of alumni and friends, whose endowed gifts support McGill’s students, faculty and research activities

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The McGill Endowment Fund is a vital and enduring source of funding for the University. Making an endowed gift to McGill is one of the most powerful ways that donors can make a lasting impact on almost every aspect of the University’s mission, benefitting current and future generations of students and scholars.

How does the McGill Endowment Fund work?

The McGill Endowment Fund is made up largely of donations and bequests made to McGill and serves as a dedicated and sustainable source of funding, year after year, for the University’s core activities, including student aid, faculty positions, groundbreaking research, and much more.

Who oversees and manages the McGill Endowment Fund?

The Endowment is managed through the McGill Investment Pool (the MIP), whose scale of assets allows the University to take advantage of an appropriate range of investment vehicles to optimize total return over time within an acceptable level of risk.

It is overseen by the McGill Office of Investments, under the direction of the Investment Committee, a subcommittee of the Board of Governors, which also makes recommendations on the Endowment Fund’s Distribution Policy and Statement of Investment Policy.

How much is the McGill Endowment Fund worth?

As of April 30, 2021, the McGill Endowment Fund had a market value of $1.892 billion, with an asset mix of 61% equities, 21% alternative investments, 16% fixed income, and 2% cash and cash equivalents.

What type of return does the McGill Endowment Fund generate?

In order to preserve capital, the McGill Endowment Fund must – over the long term – generate an absolute return that is above the distribution rate, fees and inflation. As of April 30, 2021, the Fund generated annualized returns of 21.0% (1-year), 7.5% (3-year), 8.3% (5-year) and 8.6% (10-year). Past Reports on Endowment Performance are available to the public, as is the current Statement of Investment Policy.

Did you know?

The McGill Endowment Fund is the financial bedrock of the University.
Ultimately, McGill’s competitiveness and leadership in the global knowledge economy depend on the strength of its Endowment Fund. A significant Endowment ensures that McGill remains on the cutting edge of scholarly discovery, research and creative work by allowing it to recruit top faculty, undertake ambitious research projects and offer students an exceptional education today, and long into the future.

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