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How donors make a difference

Our 2019 Report on Giving showcases the impact of your generosity

McGill University students

From opening doors for students who would not otherwise have access to enriching learning opportunities, to funding cutting-edge research that changes lives, support from McGill’s donors makes all the difference. In 2019, generous donors helped students discover the right path, funded outside-of-the-box research and more. Read on to discover how. 

Bikram Poudel and Tasha Miller

Opportunities for the curious

Fuelled by the quest to produce enough food for a growing global population, doctoral fellow Bikram Poudel is helping to create a disease-resistant variety of wheat. Driven by a passion for neuroscience, and powered by donor funding, undergraduate student Tasha Miller is starting her own project to understand neurodegenerative diseases.

Dr. Don Sheppard and his MI4 team.

Life-saving medical research through creative collaboration

Superbugs and growing drug resistance could threaten our health and well-being. Could dragonfly wings be the answer? The McGill Interdisciplinary Initiative in Infection and Immunity (MI4) powered up in 2019 to tackle the impending crises of a post-antibiotic world, funding outside-the-box projects and unconventional research partnerships.

McGill students Hilary Lee, Charles Lowe, Rachel Korman and Balarama Holness

Education for the 21st century

Hands-on learning opportunities. Mentorship from alumni. The chance to earn a paycheque – and critical work skills – on campus. These enriching experiences, all supported by donors, play a vital role in preparing today’s McGill students for tomorrow’s workplace.


Innovation: born and bred on campus

From planet-friendly concrete to high-performance speakers, McGill minds are bringing ideas to life – and to market – by collaborating across faculties and with industry to improve our world. While inventive programs are opening access for tomorrow’s leaders, using technology to extend the campus to Indigenous communities.

McGill dentistry students

The difference all gifts can make 

Whether you gave $10 or $25,000, giving through The McGill Fund made a difference this year. For students and researchers in every School and Faculty, collective giving adds up to new opportunities, better resources, and the chance to go further. For Rachel Korman, it means helping others get their smiles back.

The full Report. Made by your generosity.

Milestone gifts. Impact in every Faculty. Access the full 2019 Report on Giving to read more about the difference your donations made this year.

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