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Made by opportunities to learn and grow

Laura Parny Germain, BEng’15, MBA’21

Managing Consultant, IBM

Laura Germain

I was born and raised in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. Following the earthquake of 2010, I relocated to Montreal to pursue my undergraduate studies as an engineering student at McGill. Every day since the earthquake, I tell myself how grateful I am to be alive and to have opportunities to learn and grow.

I left the country in the summer of 2010 with the determination to give of myself as a gift to others. As the years passed and I matured, I noticed that this innocent belief, etched in my subconscious has shaped many of my decisions. I still live with a resolve to help those around me and to leave my community better than I found it. It is with this mindset that I approached both of my McGill experiences.

During my studies as an undergrad, I served as the President of the National Society of Black Engineers, got involved in various clubs and associations, tutored young girls in STEM and developed a network of individuals on whom I can still rely. Being a McGillian led me to these opportunities, whether it be through my professors who always had their doors open, my classmates who became close friends, or the individuals that I interacted with during conferences, career fairs and workshops.

In 2018, I decided to pursue my MBA as a part-time student at Desautels in order to strengthen my skills by learning formal business methodologies, while benefiting from the experiences of my classmates and professors. A McGill MBA also meant exposure to successful leaders, global awareness, and expert faculty. As a recent graduate of the program, the MBA will serve as the perfect bridge to my next professional journey, one where I can combine business, technology, and sustainability to help my community thrive.