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Michael Chan, BCom’86

Board Member, Institutional Banking and Financial Services

Michael Chan, BCom’86. Board Member, Institutional Banking and Financial Services.

With my elementary school just over two kilometers from the Roddick Gates, I had always taken McGill for granted. As an undergrad, my daily ritual was trekking from the Bronfman Building up McTavish to the then Union Building for pizza or traversing busy Sherbrooke to the basement of the Peel Pub on de Maisonneuve for the daily special. It was only later on during my 20+ year career with U.S. banks outside of La belle province, living in different countries and doing business and managing teams in eight financial centers throughout Asia Pacific, that I truly appreciated the reputation of my alma mater. Sitting in boardrooms with asset managers, central bankers, business leaders and politicians alike – McGill is a brand well recognized and admired. I am a prouder McGillian today than the day I graduated.