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The McGill community imagines a better future on McGill24

A record $4.86 million raised through 7,690 gifts from generous donors on McGill’s day of giving

Engineering Student Centre

McGill24, the University’s annual day of giving, showed once again the power of collective action. Members of the University’s global community showed up in record-breaking numbers to throw their support behind worthy causes with meaningful impact on campus and well beyond. 

With 7,690 gifts from donors raising $4,863,617, the day-long event on March 13 was a powerful symbol of what can be achieved when the community comes together in the spirit of giving.

“Every year, I’m extremely impressed by the strong show of support from our global community on McGill24. When we all come together, we can achieve amazing results, as is perfectly illustrated by this year’s level of support,” says Marc Weinstein, Vice-President, University Advancement, at McGill University. 

“We chose the slogan ‘A better future starts with you’ in recognition of this reality, that each of us truly can make a difference, and that collective action starts with individuals who believe that progress is possible. This is a world-class institution, and the donations we receive during our day of giving help us to continue in this tradition of excellence.”

With so many McGill projects having an impact beyond the walls of the University to directly affect communities, this year’s campaign stressed the importance of giving through McGill to enact change. Every gift, big or small, has the power to move the needle.

Now in its ninth year, the McGill24 day-of-giving raises funds for projects of all kinds, from student-led research to faculty initiatives to sports teams. Once again during McGill24, the McGill Crowdfunding platform allowed students and other members of the community to choose a cause and fundraise for it. The results this year were the most successful ever, with nearly 3,500 gifts to more than 100 crowdfunding projects led by students across the University. These included efforts to increase diversity in the sciences, improve athletic facilities, support students through scholarships and bursaries, and provide materials and transportation for outreach groups. 

“Since joining McGill last April, I have been consistently moved by our community’s spirit of generosity. In marking my first McGill24 as President, it was truly remarkable to witness our students, alumni, faculty, and staff, as well as our friends from across the globe come together to make a difference, particularly during a time when our campuses and our world face considerable challenges,” says Deep Saini, President and Vice-Chancellor.

While much of McGill24 took place online and on social media, alumni branches around the world hosted in-person events to lend support to the campaign in Toronto, Vancouver, New York, Seattle, Hong Kong, the U.K. and elsewhere. Members of the community on McGill campuses also rallied support across faculties, the Library, and Athletics and Recreation to mark the day.

Visit the McGill24 website for more about this year’s campaign achievements from faculty challenges to student crowdfunding initiatives.