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Give from Switzerland

Switzerland boasts McGill’s third largest alumni community in Europe, and one of its most generous. Current students and graduates are interning and working in sectors across the country, from Geneva’s NGOs to Basel’s pharmaceutical industry and Zurich’s banking sector.

Be part of the global community made by McGill. Support the University by making a tax-effective, cross-border gift. Thanks to our collaboration with the Swiss Philanthropy Foundation, you can make a gift through the Transnational Giving Europe (TGE) network and receive a donation certificate for the full amount of your gift.

TGE is a partnership of European foundations and associations. It enables individual and corporate donors resident in participating countries to provide financial support to nonprofit organizations in other member countries, while benefiting  from  tax advantages in their country of residence.

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Arrange a bank transfer

Give to McGill through a simple and secure process. Send a bank transfer to the Swiss Philanthropy Foundation, in favour of the McGill University Trust, our UK-based charity. The Foundation will transmit your gift through the TGE network and provide you with a donation certificate.

To set up a bank transfer please contact the Swiss Philanthropy Foundation. Call +41 22 732 55 54 or send an email.

For more information contact:

Swiss Philanthropy Foundation
Rue De-Grenus 3 - P.O. Box 2097
1211 Geneva 1

Know the essentials

  • Recommended minimum donation: CHF 1,000
  • Gifts are subject to TGE fees of 5% on the first €100,000, and then 1% on the remainder of your donation, to a maximum fee of €15,000
  • These fees help further the mission of facilitating cross-border philanthropy across Europe
  • Donation certificates are sent by the SPF to donors domiciled in Switzerland in February of the year following the donation

What to include on your bank transfer order

  1. Your full name
  2. Your residential address in Switzerland
  3. A note mentioning ‘TGE’ and specifying ‘McGill University Trust’ as the intended beneficiary of the donation

Legal notes

1. To be eligible for a tax incentive in Switzerland when making an international gift via the TGE, you must be a tax resident of Switzerland, and donate via the Swiss Philanthropy Foundation to a TGE-approved charitable organization.

2. McGill donors who pay tax in Switzerland are encouraged to review local tax laws and regulations, or consult a local professional tax advisor for guidance relative to their own situation.

3. For the purposes of obtaining a complete donation certificate, it is essential to provide your full name and address with your bank transfer.

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Donating online is simple and secure. Just fill in our digital form, specifying which area you wish to support.

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Support world-class education and cutting-edge research made by McGill. Be the generation that shapes the University of tomorrow. Explore planned giving options tailored to your goals, needs and timeline.

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