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Education that shapes future-ready students

An exceptional, international student body. A global alumni community. A place in a multilingual city and a nation committed to diversity and openness. These are McGill’s greatest strengths and points of distinctiveness. Building connections to our communities – local and international – allows us to train students to thrive as creative and engaged citizens and leaders, while making a positive impact on the world around us. Here are the initiatives that will help us train future-ready students. 

Hand holding a compass with view of the ocean to show preparing future-ready students to be engaged and global citizens
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Ensuring every student has the chance to participate in a meaningful international or community experience

  • Field study opportunities to put theory into practice 
  • Academic exchanges at partner universities around the world 
  • Internships at organizations that complement students’ fields of study 
  • Research partnerships across faculties 
A McGill student doing experiential learning in Africa, looking at books with a young man
Student researcher with special camera studying geology through experiential learning at McGill

Building experiential learning initiatives into the fabric of teaching and learning

  • Community-based independent ventures  
  • Digitally enhanced pedagogy for broad-based learning 
  • Collaborative learning projects 

Embracing innovation in teaching and learning

  • Developing and implementing new technologies and models that extend our classrooms to the digital sphere 
  • Connecting our students to a network of Professors of Practice recruited from among successful entrepreneurs, and enriching opportunities to learn from real-world innovators 
Student viewing data on a large computer to illustrate McGill focus on digital learning
Person standing on stairs with a giant arch and light behind him to illustrate interintstutional partnerships for students at McGil

Creating a greater range of inter-institutional research and learning collaborations

  • Summer exchange programs with partner universities 
  • Professional master’s programs 
  • Joint research projects with peer universities  
  • Travel funds to facilitate these activities 

Transforming McGill’s Library to reflect the needs of today’s students

Creating a modernized and expanded Library space in the heart of campus – a meeting place for the entire campus community, and a dynamic environment where physical and digital resources enrich learning and scholarship for generations to come 

3D model of exterior proposed new McGill library space
McGill students having conversation in an office setting to illustrate peer support, wellness and student advising

Enriching support programs for all students

  • Enhanced student advising  
  • Expanded career services and mentoring 
  • Student health and wellness initiatives 
  • A special focus on under-served communities  

Improving access to entrepreneurship training and experiences

  • An enhanced and expanded Dobson Centre for Entrepreneurship at the Desautels Faculty of Management, offering startup competitions, accelerators, mentorship and other programs that help nurture commercial and social enterprises by students and faculty members from across McGill 
  • Expanded entrepreneurship curricula and discipline-specific entrepreneurship training across faculties 
McGill student winning the Desautels Faculty of Management Dobson Cup prize and speaking into a micrcophone while holding a trophy
McGill student track athlete in starting position for a competitive run in a McGill athletic facility

Enhancing our athletics and recreation programs

  • Enhanced world-class training and competition facilities  
  • Strengthened coaching support for varsity athletes 
  • Competitive funding opportunities for top student-athletes 
  • Creation of an innovative wellness program 

Enhancing community partnerships

  • Mutually-supportive research, teaching and participatory projects with arts organizations, non-profits, institutions, governments and industry partners 
  • Academic and experiential programs in social innovation 
Ferris wheel in Old Port of Montreal to show community engagement by McGil

The world as a classroom. Made by professors like Catherine Potvin.

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McGill Biology Professor Catherine Potvin

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