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Innovation that drives progress

McGill is a powerful incubator of new discoveries. Our students and faculty have an unquenchable drive to improve the world around them by bringing their creative ideas from the classroom or the lab to the marketplace and the community. We must prepare students to operate at ‘future speed’ by creating a vibrant innovation ecosystem on campus – one that leverages McGill’s unique culture, strengths and global community.  

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Supporting innovation across our faculties

We will provide support for seed funds, innovation training and other programs aimed at creating a culture and practice of innovation across our faculties, including creating a nexus for technological innovation through Engine: the Faculty of Engineering’s innovation and entrepreneurship hub. 

We will recruit innovation professors of practice: real-world innovators who will be appointed to share knowledge, teach and serve as advisors and mentors.

Robot project from McGill to reflect focus on programs to support innovation and seed funding
Student researcher in McGill lab to show support for mentoring programs with alumni and industry

Creating a robust support system for student and faculty innovators

We will offer mentoring and support through a McGill innovation ecosystem that includes alumni and industry partners. 

Supporting early-stage innovation

We will provide targeted funding for early-stage innovation, designed to close the gap between research, discovery and proof of concept, and prepare new products, services and ideas for the market. 

Close-up of molecules to represent McGill support for early-stage innovation of new products

A new way to experience sound. Made possible by support for entrepreneurship.

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McGill Faculty of Music Robert-Eric Gaskell

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