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Research that changes lives

Every day, McGill researchers are pushing the boundaries of knowledge and collaborating at the intersection of disciplines where solutions to global challenges will emerge. Accelerating those solutions, and moving them swiftly from idea to practical impact, is where McGill will make some of its most significant contributions. 

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Revolutionizing neuroscience – transforming lives

For almost a century, McGill has been a global innovator in brain science, led by the internationally renowned Montreal Neurological Institute and Hospital (The Neuro).

Now, building on that strength, McGill and The Neuro are leveraging a unique Open Science approach, working side by side with patients contributing to advancing scientific knowledge, to accelerate the discovery of new treatments and cures for neurological diseases and disorders. We are developing the tools and infrastructure needed to support data and material sharing; amplifying the impact of our research by sharing it globally; and encouraging the scientific community to embrace this new way of doing research.

3D brain image from McGill and The Neuro
pine cones on the forest floor to symbolize McGill focus on and sustainbility and environment

Environmental sustainability

McGill takes an interdisciplinary approach to developing environmental technologies, practices and policies that support long-term human and ecosystem health. This vision unites the natural sciences and engineering with arts and humanities, political science, economics and public policy, ensuring that all aspects of how we create a healthy and sustainable world are addressed.  

Aligned with this ambitious vision is the opportunity to redevelop the former site of the Royal Victoria Hospital into a cutting-edge, interdisciplinary research and learning neighbourhood dedicated to Sustainability and Public Policy.  

This unique international knowledge hub will embody McGill’s third century vision, while inspiring public and private partners to invest in and promote McGill-driven knowledge, raising the profile of Montreal and Quebec as a global centre of purposeful inquiry and solutions. 

Leading in AI and data science

Home to world-renowned computer scientists working at the forefront of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, McGill is contributing to the core technologies used by Google, Facebook, IBM and countless industry leaders. At the same time, McGill is leveraging its wide-ranging strengths in law, the humanities and social sciences, public policy and management to help ensure these technologies serve individuals and societies for the good, while creating new data-driven applications from aviation, to health care, to city planning and transportation. 
Our goal: to unite all of these strengths through a unique, interconnected network of centres, each dedicated to advancing AI, data science and their applications in a specific field. The result: a powerful engine to create technologies, policies and applications that improve lives, while mitigating the risks that threaten our privacy, safety and prosperity.   

Hand with red lights to illustrate McGill artificial intelligence and data science
McGill scientist in lab to illustrate research on infection and immunity

Infection and immunity

The McGill Interdisciplinary Initiative in Infection and Immunity (MI4) brings together over 250 specialists from medicine, science, engineering, social science and public policy to find new ways to fight deadly infections, and use our own immune systems as a powerful weapon against disease. 

Research that breaks boundaries on all fronts

In addition to these impact-oriented ‘grand challenges’, McGill researchers are undertaking cutting-edge research within and across disciplines, pushing intellectual boundaries and seeking answers to fundamental questions about our identities, our societies, and our place on the planet and in the universe. From the smallest molecule to the furthest galaxy, support for McGill research allows us to have a better understanding of our world and make it better, one challenge at a time. 

In order to bring this transformative research to life, we must be able to recruit and retain the finest research talent in the world. This will require us to support a strategically expanded professoriate across disciplines, including chairs, visiting professorships, and flexible appointments. 

Person looking up at sky full of starts to illustrate McGill focus on breaking down barriers to research to understand the universe

Healthier ecosystems. Made by researchers like Andrew Gonzalez.

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McGill Biology Professor Andrew Gonzalez

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