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Faculty of Dental Medicine and Oral Health Sciences

Made by leaders, compassion and a spirit of innovation. Building a healthier future for all.

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Your support is essential to bringing the Faculty of Dental Medicine and Oral Health Sciences to its full potential, and to helping us shape the future of dentistry for the better.

Dentistry has moved far beyond the dental chair. We now know that oral and dental health are fundamental to overall wellbeing. Contributions to clinical methodology, medical research and new treatments are putting oral health at the core of health care. Yet access to dental care is unequal, and many Canadians fall through the cracks.

Today’s dental students will be key players in building a better world for the future, and improving the quality of life of every individual in society. With your help, we can make sure our Faculty provides students the resources and skills they need to excel in the changing world that awaits them.


Discover our vision for the future

Taking service to the community to the next level

Our Faculty runs a network of six mobile and fixed-location clinics that restore smiles and change lives. These donor-funded hubs provide care to the province’s most underserved populations. Help us connect with the communities we already help – and extend our reach to new populations.

Your support can allow us to:

  • Ensure the success of our clinics running, and improve the services they provide
  • Pioneer a first-in-Canada program for people with special needs
  • Expand our reach to remote areas and innovate in care delivery
  • Make an impact on policy and global health

Boosting dentistry research for innovation

As Canada’s most research-intensive dental school, we’re a steadfast innovator in dental science, driving progress across disciplines. We produce pioneering research on a number of key oral health issues, including many interdisciplinary collaborations with affiliated institutes resulting in high-impact publications, fruitful knowledge transfer activities, and research funding success. Donor support helps our researchers excel and undertake bold projects, shaping the future of dentistry. 

Your support can allow us to:

  • Create collaborative spaces that foster innovation
  • Secure better financial support for our graduate students
  • Strike bold interdisciplinary paths, and build collaborative networks within and beyond the University

Training future-ready professionals

The field of dentistry is transforming rapidly, and we must close the gap between education and profession. This means empowering students and practicing dentists with the skills they need to excel in a changing discipline. Help us provide the facilities, tech fluency and practice management training students need to become master clinicians – and succeed as leaders and entrepreneurs.

Your support can allow us to:

  • Help our Faculty to expand our services, creating more space for teaching and clinical services
  • Create a forward-looking curriculum in digital dentistry by integrating  technology, tools, training and expertise
  • Train our students in practice management to ensure they succeed in private, hospital-based and community dentistry
  • Support inclusion and diversity in the dental professions by offering more student funding
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Cross-cutting funding goals in support of Faculty excellence

For over a century, we’ve championed excellence in dentistry and oral health. Help keep this tradition alive by supporting the Faculty’s ongoing needs.

Your support can help us:

  • Provide opportunities through need- and merit-based student funding
  • Strengthen recruitment through robust graduate funding
  • Expand our global reach and increase our Faculty’s visibility through travel and mobility awards
  • Support long-term goals with new infrastructure
  • Boost research and teaching initiatives with new faculty hires

A world with less pain. Made by researchers like Luda Diatchenko.

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