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Faculty of Science

Made by a dynamic approach to scientific discovery, invention and learning.

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Your support will allow the Faculty of Science to train the next generation of scientific leaders to collaborate across disciplines, think creatively about complex problems and have the agility to use new technologies to drive discovery.

Whether they are exploring the complexities of the human mind, the mysteries of dark energy, or the ethical implications of an AI-driven society, McGill scientists are collaborating across disciplines to tackle the world’s complex challenges.

Through its novel Systems Science approach, the Faculty supports innovation in fields as diverse as green chemistry, nanotechnology, robotics, earth systems sciences, bioinformatics and cognitive psychology.

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Transforming teaching to prepare the next generation of scientists

Science today requires a collaborative and interactive model of teaching and learning: one in which students have more hands-on opportunities to engage with real-world problems and innovative solutions. Learning Through Discovery – our Faculty theme – reflects the dynamic approach we take towards undergraduate education: one that encompasses the complexities of today’s scientific challenges.

Your support will help the Faculty:

  • Establish a Science Education Innovations Laboratory to develop novel teaching approaches
  • Create learning communities that work together to transform discipline-specific approaches to pedagogy
  • Build new spaces that enhance creativity at the design phase of teaching
  • Offer retreats, fellowships and awards that support, reward and recognize efforts to increase effective teaching and learning
McGill Faculty of Science scientist holding shell to illustrate teaching the next generation
McGill Faculty of Science researcher performing experiment

Creating new ways to advance science

McGill Science is committed to the invention, development and use of new scientific measurement tools and systems that have the potential to advance scientific knowledge and understanding.
Building on the long and accomplished legacy of McGill’s own scientists, more than 75 Science professors and their research groups are currently focusing their efforts on ground-breaking instrument/method design, invention and use. 

Your support will help us:

  • Create a Measurement Innovations Laboratory that will invent, design and implement new instrumentation and tools for measurement, data analysis and fabrication

Driving discovery to solve complex global challenges

Through a Systems Science approach, the Faculty is able to harness the power of its innovative and multi-disciplinary research capabilities to resolve some of the most critical issues of our time. Such a strategy creates opportunities for new and creative tactics that lead to new discoveries and advanced technologies, and provide a template for training the next generation of scientists, public leaders, and business leaders.

Your support will help us create or expand:

  • The Computational and Data Sciences Institute, to harness the Faculty’s expertise in pure and applied mathematics, statistics and computer science through innovative approaches to data analyses and interpretation
  • The Cognitive Systems Institute, to advance developments related to the creation and study of artificial minds, using sophisticated computational modelling to examine hypotheses about the processes and structures that create intelligence
  • The world-class McGill Space Institute that continues to make significant contributions at the frontiers of space-related science
  • The Earth Systems Institute, to focus on alleviating the mounting pressures on the operating limits of our planet’s energy, water, chemical and biological systems
  • The Biosystems Institute, to train the next generation of researchers in “multi-scale biology” – linking molecular and cellular processes to ecology and evolutionary biology
  • The Molecular Systems Institute, integrating physical, biological, and computational research capabilities to study the relationships between atoms, molecules, and materials and their resulting functions
McGill Faculty of Science discovery of universe to solve global challenges
Faculty of Science: Building a new home for sustainability research

Building a new home for sustainability research

The ultimate realization of the Faculty’s Systems Science approach will see many of the institutes and labs located at the site previously occupied by the Royal Victoria Hospital, which will house a groundbreaking collaboration across disciplines designed to address the greatest problem of our time: sustainability and sustainable development.

Opportunities for students in STEM. Made by alumni like Rubin Gruber.

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