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Transforming Pollack Hall

As McGill’s premier concert venue and a cherished cultural landmark in Montreal, Pollack Hall is central to the Schulich School of Music’s vision for the future of music performance. The revitalization of this iconic hall will enhance the experience for performers and audiences alike, and propel performance education and research to new heights.

Pollack music hall with musicians on stage
Support the transformation of Pollack Hall
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With your support, we can transform Pollack Hall into a jewel in the crown of a world-class music school and a top performance venue in Canada.  

The inauguration of Pollack Hall in 1975 was a catalyst for tremendous growth in music education and performance at McGill, helping to pave the way for the Schulich School of Music we know today.

In McGill’s third century, a reinvigorated Pollack Hall will once again help us break boundaries in the study and practice of performance.

Our vision for a renewed Pollack Hall: a state-of-the-art performance venue that is accessible to all, serves the needs of 21st century performers, and delights audiences in Montreal and around the world.

Download: Pollack Hall Transformation Case for Support

Renewing a cultural and historic landmark

Pollack Hall is one of McGill’s most important public spaces, hosting over 400 concerts and events annually. Ideal for large ensemble performances, this stately 600-seat venue has long been a staple of Montreal’s vibrant music scene and welcomes a wide variety of performance groups.

Functional and aesthetic upgrades will help us strengthen Pollack Hall’s position as a cultural touchstone in Montreal, all while preserving celebrated elements of the Hall – like the extraordinary acoustics that have captivated music lovers for almost half a century.

McGill music buildings
Individuals on stage, one singing and one playing the piano

Enhancing the audience experience

At the Schulich School of Music, we are attuned to many of the factors that impact the enjoyment of a performance. With your help, we can take the Pollack Hall experience to a new level for in-person guests with enhancements to the entrance and seating area. And upgrades to our broadcasting capability will allow audiences to experience the magic of a Pollack Hall concert from anywhere in the world.

Donor support will help us:

  • Refresh the architectural finishes in the Hall’s historic entrance and lobby
  • Replace the seating and enhance the lighting in the main hall
  • Purchase a new grand piano
  • Outfit the Hall with state-of-the-art recording and broadcasting equipment

Creating facilities worthy of our performers

The artists who grace the stage at Pollack Hall deserve facilities that optimize every part of the performance experience – from the warm-up in the green room, to backstage preparations, to the post-concert celebration.

With your help, we can ensure that Pollack Hall meets the changing needs of 21st century performers and provides an ideal environment for artists-in-training to achieve their highest ambitions.

Donor support will help us:

  • Upgrade the backstage to accommodate larger productions
  • Enhance dressing rooms and other artists' facilities
  • Redesign the East Lounge as a rehearsal space and reception room

Designing spaces that serve everyone

The Pollack Hall transformation will create a space that is not only aesthetically stunning, but is also carefully designed to welcome all music lovers. This means enhancing the physical accessibility of audience and performance areas and upgrading our systems to ensure the continued safety and well-being of all who pass through our doors.

Donor support will help us:

  • Create barrier-free paths for performers and audience members
  • Offer accessible seating options
  • Upgrade acoustical treatment to maintain aural health standards
  • Update electrical and HVAC systems

Support the transformation of Pollack Hall

Choose an amount $50 $250 $500 $1000