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Made to be international

Wayne Lee, BCom’95

Managing Director & Head of Europe and Asia Pacific Region, CIBC Capital Markets
Member of the McGill Regional Advisory Board – Asia
Member of the McGill Regional Advisory Board – UK and Europe

Wayne Lee, BCom’95. Managing Director and Head, Europe & Asia Pacific, CIBC Capital Markets.

I came to Canada when I was 15 from Hong Kong and went to Brentwood, a boarding school near Victoria. McGill, being the top-ranked university per Maclean’s magazine, was my first choice. At McGill, I had the opportunity to gain a great education with incredible faculty and bright minds from all over Canada and the world. Since graduation, I’ve worked in Toronto, New York, Hong Kong and now, London. McGill gave me the foundation to succeed, which allowed me to build my career, for which I am very grateful. I am made by McGill.