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Made by principles and community

Inez Jabalpurwala, BA’89, MA’91, MBA’01

Global Director – VINEx / Founding President & CEO, Brain Canada (2001 to 2020)
Cabinet Member, Made by McGill: the Campaign for Our Third Century
President of the McGill Alumni Association

Inez Jabalpurwala, BA’89, MA’91, MBA’01, Founding President and CEO of Brain Canada (2001 to 2020), McGill Alumni Association President, Alumni Governor

In my first year at McGill as an English Literature undergraduate, I read a line by Dante that has inspired many people throughout history and has shaped my personal and professional life. He said: “The hottest places in hell are reserved for those who, in times of great moral crisis, maintain their neutrality.” This has compelled me through my life to stand for principles, to be a change agent, and to use my voice wherever I can to advance causes that are meaningful to me and important for society. 

In the same period, I joined the McGill Debating Union. I learned about respecting different perspectives, and the power of a diverse community and of exchanging of ideas – which means listening as well as arguing your own point of view. 

I hold dear my memories from McGill, but have found new ways to engage with my alma mater as a volunteer, mentor and donor. In this chapter, as President of the McGill Alumni Association and Alumni Governor, I have the great privilege of seeing how McGill has impacted alumni around the world; the learning and connections that happen on campus become lifelong no matter where alumni end up. 

McGill is a great institution; I am proud to be part of this community and I am committed to doing my part to ensure that we enter our third century well poised to take on the challenges of our time.