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Ram Panda, MEng'71, MBA'77 

Chair of the McGill Board of Governors

Ram Panda, MEng'71, MBA'77; Chair, McGill Board of Governors

I arrived from India in 1968 to pursue graduate studies in Engineering. The cold Canadian winter was never a bother as I received a warm welcome to McGill, and a great education in a courteous and friendly environment. 

I am particularly thankful for the support of my professor and guide, the late Dr. Eric Adler. After Engineering, I went on to obtain my MBA followed by my move into professional life. It culminated in my co-founding of a software company in 1978.
Sixteen years ago, I started getting involved with McGill because I wanted to give something back. It was a gradual process. It started with my involvement with the Faculty of Engineering, endowing a small scholarship. Soon after, it was a call from the Dean of Engineering that led me to join the Faculty Advisory Board, which I later chaired. Six years ago, the Principal asked me to join McGill's Board of Governors. 

Today I’m honoured to serve as the Chair of the Board. Despite 50 years of life around McGill, my motivation remains as strong as ever: to give back to the University in various ways in order to help others down the line.