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Redefining human potential. Made by a commitment to advancing human development.

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Your support is essential to helping the Faculty of Education play a leading role in shaping research, teaching and learning for the 21st century.

For more than 150 years, the Faculty of Education has been at the forefront of groundbreaking studies in all aspects of education. Its comprehensive and ambitious research agenda has nurtured expertise that spans integrated education and pedagogy, educational and counselling psychology, and health-related fields such as physiology and biomechanics.

Together, we have the power to bridge the gap between research and practice in classrooms and beyond. To develop inclusive educational systems that build resilience and promote wellbeing, and leading innovations in health and human development to create a better society.

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Leveraging technology to advance STEM education

In our changing world, knowledge of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) is increasingly important. Yet there is currently a shortage of qualified STEM educators in schools across North America. Many students – especially girls and youth from disadvantaged communities – disengage from these disciplines, often before reaching high school. Help us break this cycle by creating immersive technology training that will prepare and inspire future generations of STEM educators and learners.

Your support can:

  • Create a STEM Education Laboratory, a leading-edge teaching laboratory with equipment and technology to help student-teachers develops the necessary skills and techniques to stand out as leaders in their field, which will also act as a space to house community partnerships,
  • Help us establish the McGill Network for STEM Education to change the way science and math curricula and teaching methods are conceptualized and implemented in schools by bringing together local school boards, corporate partners, non-profit organizations and independent schools to better integrate STEM education at both elementary and secondary levels
McGill Faculty of Education promotes STEM education in schools
McGill Faculty of Education addresses mental health of child students and educator

Addressing mental health issues among students and educators  

Faced with an urgent need to build resilience against the mounting number of social stressors, the Faculty of Education is bridging the gap between research and practice in a variety of areas related to mental health and inclusive education.

Your support can:

  • Helps us develop students’ mental health and stress resilience programs which consist of teaching resources based on the latest research in stress and mental health resilience that can be implemented in both formal and informal educational setting to empower students to develop resilience, coping skills and responsible self-care
  • Create an inclusive hub for McGill students on the autism spectrum

Advancing Indigenous education

Since 1975, our Faculty has been collaborating with Indigenous school boards to develop high quality, Indigenous-controlled education systems, by designing and delivering community-based teacher education and professional development programs. Now, as Indigenous education experiences a period of promising growth, our Office of First Nations and Inuit Education is poised to have an even greater impact by increasing the number of Indigenous educators certified to teach across Quebec, and becoming a national leader in land-based education.

Your support can:

  • Expand in-community Bachelor of Education and certificate programs to additional Indigenous communities across Quebec
  • Implement new land-based teacher education field schools that take into account traditional ways of acquiring and transmitting knowledge
  • Deepen research on First Nations and Inuit education, from youth leadership projects to Indigenous science education
McGill Faculty of Education expanding education to indigenous children
McGill Faculty of Education exercise science experiment

Examining how exercise science promotes healthy living

Our renowned Department of Kinesiology and Physical Education uses the most advanced science to understand how the human body functions. The study of movement and exercise science enables us to shed new light on health and human potential. Our researchers are able to better understand how physical activity can enhance health for all – elite athletes, aging seniors, or children living with disabilities.

Your support can:

  • Create a world-class Sport Science Institute that will drive  research in sport science and propel high-performance athletes to their full potential
  • Transform the Kinesiology Clinic into a Physical Activity Hub by significantly enlarging the clinic to accommodate its ever-growing number of clients and enhancing its ability to offer adapted sports programs for students with special needs

Supporting future-ready leaders

At the core of our Faculty’s initiatives – from its work in STEM, mental health, Indigenous education, and physical activity and health – are exceptional professors, researchers and students. The Faculty aspires to bolster its support for future leaders in education, educational and counselling psychology, and kinesiology and physical education. It continued success depends on them.

Your support can:

  • Create a Research Innovation Fund to support research developed at the Faculty, and empower new and existing research teams
  • Create graduate student and postdoctoral research fellowships to support emerging Education scientists and facilitate transdisciplinary collaboration
  • Develop community outreach and engagement awards to fund community-based activities that promote education and health of the general public and targeted populations
  • Create undergraduate summer research internships to support future educators and physical activity scientists
  • Create travel and mobility awards that enable Faculty members and their trainees to present their research, visit laboratories outside of Quebec to learn new experimental techniques, and establish new research collaborations
  • Create awards for Indigenous students at the undergraduate and graduates levels
McGill Faculty of Education student leadership

Opportunities to forge partnerships with Indigenous communities. Made by professors like Jim Howden.

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McGill Faculty of Education James Howden

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